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Mind Your Back;   

‘’For all the happiness mankind can gain is not in pleasure but in rest from pain’’ Cortez

Fact 1: 4 out of 5 people at some time in their lives have a back problem.

Fact 2: Over 30% will have the problem recur.

Apart from effective treatment from a professional therapist what can be done to avoid back problems and prevent them recurring?

Keep moving!

If you are just talking on the telephone, stand up and move a couple of steps forward and backwards.

When you’re reading stand up and walk around.

Take a 15 minute brisk walk at lunchtime.

Do simple stretching exercises at your desk.  Above all, avoid sitting continuously for more than an hour.

Your desk layout is also important.  Things used most frequently should be within arm’s reach on both sides of you.

Keyboards and Computer Screen

When using a keyboard and mouse the upper arms should not move forward more than 10o from the vertical.  The VDU screen should be at arm’s length away.  Touch typists should have the top of the screen at eye level with copyholders next to the screen.  Check there is no glare or any reflections on the screen.  When writing, turn the chair at an angle of 10-15o away from the prop arm.  This will straighten the body.

fig. 1

fig. 2

In The Office. 

A banana is a good way to describing most people’s posture at a desk! (fig. 1) Add to this sitting for up to 2 hours at a time, a poor desk layout, the mental pressure of work, reduced oxygen input because of poor posture, and lack of exercise, is it any wonder so many people have spinal problems?

So what can be done?

Fundamentally you need a sitting position where the spine is in the same alignment as when you are standing with good posture (fig. 2).

Sit on an angled forward seat or place a wedge on the seat.  Raise the chair until your feet are firmly on the ground with your knees below your hips.  This automatically creates good alignment in the lower spine.  Hold your arms at a right angle at the elbows with hands flat which will give you the correct desk height.

To raise a desk, put blocks under the legs or use leg raisers.  If your chair does not adjust to give back support use a lumbar roll.